Our latest campaign for Kinder Chocolate is our most colourful yet.


    A BIT

    Things are a little different on B STREET. A little more forward thinking.
    Here, ideas are the currency. And they're worth a lot.

    Strong ideas are what allow us to create innovative shopper marketing campaigns in retail environments. That enable us to truly engage people
    at world-class experiential events. And that mean we can make a real difference to brand equity and sales.

    Of course, all brands are different. No two requirements or sets of objectives are the same. Which is why we never limit ourselves to just a few specialised media channels.

    Rather, we limit ourselves to doing what's right. Whatever's best for a brand to express itself clearly, loudly and, above all, uniquely.

    This is B STREET. Where ideas live.



    Some ideas are destined to flop. 41% of ideas, in fact. Flawed in some way from the start, they never stand a chance of achieving what they're supposed to. Whereas other ideas have everything it takes to make a real difference to brand equity and, ultimately, sales.

    We call these ideas SmartIdeas™. And we're proud to have a unique and rather clever methodology for seeking them out and identifying them from the rest. (So clever we've even trademarked the name.)

    All of which means that, at B STREET, not only are we able to come up with some of the most creative and memorable thinking in London today; we're able to prove it will get solid results too. Before your campaign has even launched.

    A FEW

    David Ploughman

    President, CEO

    David established BSTREET in 1991 to offer a genuinely integrated set-up. His drive and vision have served him well, as BSTREET Toronto's success has led to the launch of our London office in 2008, and BSTREET New York City in 2011. David is a founding member of the Canadian Association of Promotional Marketing Agencies, an active member of the Promotional Marketing Association and is currently president of the MAAW.

    Mark Burgess

    Business Director

    With over 15 years' experience both client and agency side, Mark has worked for and with some of the biggest brands in the UK. His client side experience includes Premier Foods, Asics, Toyota and Ferrero whilst agency side, he's enjoyed working at both above and below the line across a range of food, drink and retail brands. Mark now heads up the account handling team at our London office.

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